Ballerette was created in 2015 but the idea had been in the founders’ hearts long before then. The company was founded by two Roman women who believe in the quality of the ‘Made in Italy’ label and in capturing every woman’s unique style. Their dream is to take Ballerette from Rome to the world.

Ballerette, with their infinite choice of colors, materials and details have been designed by women for women. Women who love to be different, comfortable, and beautiful every day. Women who love to play with their look and do it with style.

Created with passion and made by Italian shoe manufacturers with a long tradition of quality, there is always a Ballerette that perfectly matches your clothes and accessories. Ballerette love to be noticed when you wear them… and even when you carry them home in their precious transparent boxes. You will fall in love with Ballerette and will want to fill up your wardrobe with all their different colors and styles.

With their explosion of colors and patterns, Ballerette immediately stand out. They love to attract attention, not only when you wear them but also in their own packaging – a precious and unique transparent box.

At a glance, you will find the perfect Ballerette to match your look and mood, both when browsing in our shops and when picking a pair out of your own closet.

Conceived as dream wardrobes filled with colorful Ballerette, our shops welcome you into the heart of four wonderful Italian cities: Rome, our hometown, Milan, Italy’s fashion capital, Florence and Venice, among Italy’s most charming cities.

Thanks to Ballerette’s ‘Made in Italy’ quality and infinite variety of colors, styles, and details, you’ll always feel spoilt for choice.

Ballerette will seduce you at first glance. Browse among our shops’ shelves and transparent drawers to experience the thrill of having a whole closet full of shoes at your disposal. Our staff is ready to guide you through our world and help you find the Ballerette you have in mind.

But be warned, one pair won’t be enough… you’ll want to own them all!